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Daily Archives: March 17, 2010

Paul Nicklen goes to extremes with Polar Obsession

Just a few minutes talking with Paul Nicklen reveals his compulsion to educate the world. Ask a question about his polar adventures, and he segues quickly into arthropods, krill and dangerous drops in the levels of polar sea ice. He carries within him the ghost of the marine biologist he nearly became. Luckily, he found [...]

Paul Nicklen’s Polar Obsession: “I had finally found a way to really connect with readers”

Paul Nicklen, a photographer with National Geographic, was going to call his latest collection of images Bipolar Obsession on a lark, to reflect his trips to both poles. He settled instead on Polar Obsession and freely admits that he is, in fact, obsessed—not just with the animals and his pictures of them, but with getting [...]