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  1. [...] winners Amy Ellis Nutt, Isabel Wilkerson and Jacqui Banaszynski, plus storytellers as diverse as Evan Ratliff, Gay Talese, Adam Hochschild, Starlee Kine, Alexis Madrigal, Wesley Morris, Maud [...]

  2. [...] Creatavist as it expanded from publishing to software design and licensing. In case you missed it, Ratliff visited Nieman Narrative last spring to talk about the company’s overall setup and the burgeoning storytelling [...]

  3. [...] The newsroom had this “incredible trove” of source material, decades worth, says Ratliff, an Atavist founder. “The challenge is figuring out to display those in the way that actually [...]

  4. [...] Atavist published a new Evan Ratliff story the other day, “The Oilman’s Daughter.” Here’s the pitch you’ll [...]

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