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  1. [...] « Storyteller, meet Creatavist [...]

  2. [...] a reporter should use when their story has “extras”. As Nieman Storyboard editor and journalist Paige Williams writes in a June 13 post, Creatavist is an ideal platform when “Your tale has narrative depth, with characters and plot [...]

  3. [...] Nieman Lab and Wall Street Journal described the platform as a breakthrough because it gives writers and [...]

  4. [...] as Boston’s NPR news station to create the amazing “Bulger on trial” story, Atavist founder Evan Ratliff says Creatavist is for any person who says: “I don’t need an outlet; I’ll make my own outlet; I [...]

  5. [...] Creatavist could be used for various kinds of stories and publications, the Nieman Foundation suggests that it’s particularly well suited to complex, multi-layered [...]

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