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Contributor Archives: Andrea Pitzer

Documentary photographer Lori Waselchuk’s “Grace Before Dying” and the ethics of narrative activism

Lori Waselchuk describes herself as a “documentary photographer and arts activist.” We’ve wanted to talk with her for a while about her latest project, “Grace Before Dying,” which focuses on a prison hospice program in Louisiana. In light of the recent discussions around visual documentary and accountability spurred by “Kony 2012,” we also thought she [...]

Keeping you up to date on Storyboard

You might notice editors switching seats in the days ahead. In the interest of keeping readers in the loop, we want to let you know that Storyboard editor Andrea Pitzer is working on a narrative nonfiction project about Vladimir Nabokov and will be taking a few months to concentrate solely on her book. In the [...]

Dahlia Lithwick on long-form, sob stories and the Supreme Court

In this week’s Notable Narrative, we took a semi-quantitative look at how Dahlia Lithwick’s story on a wrongful conviction used one person’s experience as a narrative thread to present a bigger problem. The piece, which followed the exoneration of Bennett Barbour, is right up Lithwick’s alley. As a senior editor at Slate, she writes the [...]

Innocent but not exonerated: Dahlia Lithwick explains

In our latest Notable Narrative, “The Exoneration of Bennett Barbour,” Dahlia Lithwick tells the story of a man wrongfully convicted of rape 34 years ago on the basis of eyewitness testimony. Years after he finished serving his sentence, Barbour recently learned of evidence that exonerates him, evidence uncovered as part of a widespread effort to [...]

What we’re watching: Kony 2012, “BLA BLA” and the extra point

Yesterday at SXSW, a fascinating interactive animation by Quebec filmmaker Vincent Morriset called “BLA BLA” won first prize in the Interactive Art category. While we’re not sure that the treatment of an animated protagonist and inkblots and the starry night sky fits the Storyboard bill as either narrative or journalism, we can see why it won [...]

Narrative journalism around the world: Argentina, Romania, Belgium and the Netherlands

America tends to get credit for adding narrative journalism to the literary canon. And there’s no doubt that the combination of timely reporting and timeless writing took on new and exciting forms in the U.S. in the second half of the 20th century. But that movement grew out of more than a thousand years of narrative [...]

The one about the pig

In narrative journalism, some storylines appear again and again. This week’s Notable Narrative is not one of them. Tampa Bay Times reporter Will Hobson introduces us to a Vietnam veteran’s 300-pound emotional support pig and the neighborhood feud it triggered. The setting is Bay Ranch Mobile Home Park in Largo, Fla., but aspects of the dispute will [...]

Which CRMA finalists will win big in Vegas?

The City and Regional Magazine Association and the Missouri School of Journalism recently announced the finalists for the 2012 National City and Regional Magazine Awards. Racking up the most nominations (more than 10 each) were Texas Monthly, Los Angeles Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Chicago Magazine and 5280 Magazine (Denver’s city mag). Winners will be [...]

Turning a newspaper project into a book: Christopher Goffard on “You Will See Fire”

We recently noticed that Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard had expanded a series he had done for the paper into the book “You Will See Fire.” We’ve talked with other narrative journalists who have done a similar thing (David Finkel, Tom French), but in this case, we thought it would be interesting to focus [...]

Chris Jones on life and death in Zanesville

Our latest Notable Narrative is “Animals,” Chris Jones’ account of the creatures set loose from a private menagerie last fall in Zanesville, Ohio. The Esquire story works in part because Jones plays its two tones so sharply against each other – small-town mundane reality is upended by sudden drama. But Jones’ writing really pops because of [...]