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Contributor Archives: Jacqueline Marino

Writing is part of the digital story: examples of powerful multimedia presentations that incorporate (not just link to) good nonfiction writing

[Earlier this week, Jacqueline Marino wrote about the many words that often accompany multimedia stories on Interactive Narratives, a showcase of such work sponsored by the Online News Association. Today, she provides some examples of presentations that integrate writing into the storytelling.] Annesha’s daughter prays in front of the Altar in the backyard (Joshua Cogan 2008) [...]

The importance of words in multimedia storytelling

Journalists are told to write short for the Web. The online audience wants information, not a lovely phrase or a rousing metaphor. “On the Web, people want to move quickly,” says Hoa Loranger, quoted on a video for a Web writing session at the 2009 Online News Association conference. “Our challenge is to adapt to that behavior.” Journalism—even that [...]