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Contributor Archives: Jason Fagone

Writing the book: Jason Fagone and ‘Ingenious’

I got the deal to write my first book, Horsemen of the Esophagus, in the spring of 2005. I’d been out of college for four years at that point, writing for two different magazines, in Cincinnati and Philadelphia. I’d never written anything longer than 7,000 words, but writing a book had always been a dream [...]

“Why’s this so good?” No. 62: Ian Parker profiles Alec Baldwin

As far as I can tell, the New Yorker staff writer Ian Parker has no Twitter feed, no website, no LinkedIn page and no TED profile. Even for that magazine, he’s pretty anonymous. I think he may be the best semi-anonymous nonfiction writer on the planet, and I admit to wanting to write about his work partly just to [...]