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Contributor Archives: Peggy Nelson

What’s the buzz? Monkeying with story in the hive mind

We have to start with the monkeys. The infinite number of monkeys that, given their own personal typewriters and an infinite amount of time, would produce the works of William Shakespeare. But even thought-experiments involving infinity have their limits. The idea is not that some monkeys, or maybe even the entire infinity of them, would [...]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flow

Nothing prepares you for your first time. You’re out with someone, maybe a date, maybe just friends, everything’s fine, and then he whips it out, right in front of you — at a restaurant, on the street, anywhere. You try not to look at it, you try to look absolutely anywhere else — finally he [...]

Short attention span theater: narrative and models of interaction

[This post is the second in a series from new media artist Peggy Nelson considering the impact of technology on narrative. Nelson's work includes a barcode narrative, a PowerPoint essay, Twitter novels and a host of exciting new ways of looking at the idea of story. —Ed. ] No one, it seems, has time to [...]

“There’s no app for that”: Peggy Nelson talks timing, technology and story

Journalists use technology to tell stories, but technology has its own stories to tell, sometimes the very opposite of the ones we expect. In this series of articles, I’ll explore the impact of technology on narrative, and offer some observations from my work in new media — how technology suggests new types of tales, and new [...]