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Contributor Archives: Stephanie Mitchell

Andreas Gefeller’s Supervisions: structure as story

[In our latest look at fine arts photographers who might have something to offer photojournalists, contributing editor Stephanie Mitchell considers the Supervisions project of Andreas Gefeller. Gefeller’s collapsed images and simultaneous use of exterior and interior shots offer exciting possibilities for storytelling, particularly in relation to architecture and urban topography. –Ed.] Ice tracks ramble across a blackened field. Concrete [...]

Picturing the cost of power

american-power-06b2Mitch Epstein’s “American Power” depicts the landscape as political narrative. The American photographer, who has chronicled cultural complexities in India and Vietnam, now homes his camera in on dissonances within his own culture. The subject of “American Power” is energy in America—its production, consumption, and unintended consequences. And embedded in the terrain of the images is a critique of American power in the other sense of the word—its destructiveness and contradictions. Like an unflattering mirror, Epstein’s pictures reflect back the troublesome realities that the exercise of American power can create.

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