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Category Archives: audio narratives

Move over Lady Gaga; meet Ron Charles (a.k.a. the Totally Hip Video Book Reviewer)

Has book publishing found its savior? Well, probably not, but in August, The Washington Post’s Ron Charles made his small-screen debut in the role of a cranky, self-important book reviewer. Charles, who is actually deputy editor of Book World at the Post, has put together a handful of additional videos since then, managing to sneak [...]

Tommy Tomlinson on Ze Frank, newspapers and what comes next

Tommy Tomlinson has been a local columnist for The Charlotte Observer for the past 13 years but recently announced that he’s switching jobs to embark on a storytelling experiment for the paper. A former Nieman fellow and Storyboard contributor, Tomlinson was also a Pulitzer finalist for commentary in 2005. We’ve covered other innovative storytelling efforts [...]

NPR business reporter Adam Davidson: “many of the best stories come from wandering around a city and wondering what the hell is going on”

With a lot of journalists pondering narrative in the digital era, we thought it would be interesting to highlight a March collaboration between NPR business reporter Adam Davidson and video producer Travis Fox. As part of a joint effort by Frontline and NPR, Fox and Davidson went to Haiti and ended up creating audio-only stories [...]

Planet Money’s Adam Davidson solves a Haitian mystery and beats expectations

Great storytelling sometimes reveals itself by what it leaves out, and so it is that our latest Notable Narratives shine by not focusing on post-earthquake death and devastation in Haiti. Last month, PBS’ Frontline sent video producer Travis Fox to the Carribean to meet up with NPR’s Adam Davidson, who was there reporting for Planet Money. [...]

Paul Raeburn, Ira Glass, and just some of the ways a story can go wrong

Yesterday, Paul Raeburn at the Knight Science Journalism Tracker took the stuffing out of a New York Times medical piece. The story, by Gardiner Harris, reveals a secret recording of a 2007 meeting between a cardiologist and executives at a pharmaceutical company. Raeburn dinged it for both structure and content, writing that “sometimes a poorly [...]

How are you doing? Laura Mayer shares the stories that rise out of small talk

Storyboard is always looking for new approaches to storytelling that could be useful for journalists, so we were curious when a reader sent us a link to the How Are You Doing project, which invites people to call a 1-800 number and leave a message about, well, how they’re doing. Laura Mayer, a recent graduate of [...]

Interview: Studio 360′s Lu Olkowski on multimedia, poetry and the working poor

We talked by phone last week with Lu Olkowski, a contributing producer with public radio’s Studio 360 and co-creator of our latest Notable Narrative, “Women of Troy.” Here, Olkowski describes how the Troy story came together and looks at its parent project, “In Verse,” which combines photography, sound and poetry to create a new kind of multimedia. [...]

Interview: Ted Genoways on journalism and documentary poetry

Poetry may not be the first vehicle journalists come up with when they think of reported stories—in fact, poetry may not be on most journalists’ list at all. Virginia Quarterly Review editor Ted Genoways hopes to change that. In addition to garnering three National Magazine Awards for VQR during his reign, Genoways has a book of poems [...]

Poetry as narrative journalism? You’d be surprised.

When people talk about journalism tottering off into quaint irrelevance, there is a tendency to compare journalism to poetry. In a post this week at PBS Idea Lab, Spot.Us founder David Cohn considers whether journalism, like poetry, might not be sustainable. Cohn notes that there is nevertheless no shortage of poetry. And it’s true that people are still writing it in [...]

The expansive, defiant “Women of Troy”

An ambitious effort to present working-class women in down-at-heel Troy, N.Y., “Women of Troy” brings the hard life front and center. The project is the first installment of In Verse, which bills itself as a collaboration between poets, photographers and radio producers trying to create a new model of storytelling journalism. “Women of Troy” casts [...]