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Notable Narratives

From 2006 to 2010, the Nieman Narrative Digest featured outstanding examples of narrative journalism drawn from newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Editors for the site were Nell Lake, Constance Hale and Andrea Pitzer.

In June 2010, the Nieman Foundation folded key elements of the Digest into the Nieman Storyboard site, including the Notable Narratives. What follows is the full archive of those stories.

Notable narrative: “My Travels with the Curse of Maracaña”

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Notable Narratives: Two writers, one tough subject

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Notable Narrative: David Abel and the Richard family, survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing

Notable Narrative: “Beyond the Finish Line,” by Tim Rohan

Notable Narrative: “The Prophets of Oak Ridge”

Notable Narrative: Dan Barry and the happy-ending kidnapping

Notable Narrative: ‘Sunk,’ by Kathryn Miles

Notable Narrative: Thomas Curwen and the brave young man

Notable narrative: Kelley Benham French and “Never Let Go”

Notable narrative: Andrew Corsello and the wronged man

Notable narrative: Eli Saslow and the swimming pool salesman

Notable narrative: ‘Stowaway’

Notable narrative: “Fear of a Black President,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Notable narrative: Erin Sullivan and the 9/11 survivor

Notable Narrative: “When My Crazy Father Actually Lost His Mind,” by Jeneen Interlandi