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Category Archives: social media narratives

Whitey Bulger: the Twitter trial narrative, by the Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen

The Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen isn’t just live-tweeting the trial of one of the country’s most notorious mob figures — he’s telling a story. This thread picks up with Monday morning testimony and runs through lunch. For more Cullen Twitter coverage, follow him.

Facebook as narrative: The Washington Post tries it out online and in print

This morning’s Washington Post print edition carried a story built out of an annotated Facebook feed. The piece was posted to washingtonpost.com last night with the title “A Facebook story: A mother’s joy and a family’s sorrow.” While I’d seen the Post and other papers structure stories around Twitter and Tumblr feeds, and Slate’s mock [...]

What’s in it from me? Crowdsourced magazines and storytelling

As a child, did you ever imagine yourself waiting for a call from people in need, people who were praying that you’d see their signal and come to the rescue? If so, you might have the makings of a modern magazine writer. And editors for some recent crowdsourced ventures are glad you’re out there listening. [...]