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Category Archives: video journalism

A champion of nonlinear narratives: An interview with documentary filmmaker Florian Thalhofer

When Florian Thalhofer shows one of his interactive documentaries in theaters, he arms the audience with laser pointers. Whenever there is a choice of which clip to watch next, the crowd votes by aiming a glowing red dot, and the choice with the most dots wins. Thalhofer, a documentary filmmaker based in Berlin, had to [...]

Viewfinder: Funny business

The news business is rarely funny. Much of what we do every day is report on devastating acts of nature, the plight of those without voices – the problems of the world. For most of those stories it’s best to rely on the Joe Friday approach: just the facts, which almost always speak louder than any adjective [...]

Viewfinder: Video storytelling — yes, you can

Until about the past decade, making films or videos required thousands of dollars of equipment, years of experience and an outlet, be it a theater or a TV station. Now we have cheap and good cameras that most of us carry in our pockets, plus numerous ways to disseminate the content. As a result, video [...]

Viewfinder: We need to talk

Let’s talk about why we’re not talking, shall we? I’ve noticed a recent video journalism trend against treating the audience to a bit of narration. Yes, I said narration: the stuff so many video journalists shy from. Why the shyness? I’ve got some theories. More on that in a second. First, though, before I go casting [...]

Viewfinder: Video journalism that works

Whenever I go out on an assignment I get a few of the same questions from onlookers who see me with my tripod and my reasonably large video camera: “What channel are you from?” or “When will this air?” But my favorite, and the one I get most often after I explain that the video [...]