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Nieman Storyboard’s top 10 posts for 2011

During the last days of December, we’ve been tweeting down Storyboard’s top 10 posts for the year. In case you haven’t been following along, here they are, all in one place (in reverse order): 10. Internet phenom Maud Newton’s “Why’s this so good?”: “Raymond Chandler sticks it to Hollywood.” 9. Chris Jones, Esquire writer at large, [...]

When journalists become authors: a few cautionary tips

There’s long-form narrative, and then there’s book-length narrative. Both are “long,” but a story that’s 300 pages long is a different proposition, for both writer and reader, from one that’s 3,000 words. Writers embarking on their first book-length project respond to the challenge in different ways. Some panic, staring blankly at their screen as fine [...]

When I write the book: Nieman Reports on journalists who wrestle with long long-form

The Winter issue of Nieman Reports, with the theme “Writing the Book,” is now online. It includes contributions from digital publishers, narrative writers, and a passel of journalists who have gone on to tackle book-length projects. Here are a few highlights: In “Writing a Life, Living a Writer’s Life,” former Nieman fellow Gaiutra Bahadur recounts [...]