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Five ways to develop your eye — and heart — as a storyteller

Tom Huang, the Sunday and enterprise editor at the Dallas Morning News, offered some good ideas for sharpening storytelling skills during a writing panel at last week’s Asian American Journalists Convention in Washington, D.C. Here are Tom’s five tips for developing a storyteller’s eye – and heart: Immerse yourself in other story forms – movies, [...]

The 2014 Pulitzers: A gap year for features

The Pulitzer judges’ decision* not to award a prize in Features Writing on Monday was disappointing but not unprecedented.** The last (and only other) gap occurred 10 years ago, when stories by Robert Lee Hotz (Los Angeles Times), Anne Hull and Tamara Jones (the Washington Post) and Patricia Wen (the Boston Globe) stalled out as [...]

Work the problem: Survival tips and resources for the narrative video journalist

Editor’s note: Our Work the Problem series has covered story regret, with Esquire‘s Tom Junod; self-editing, with Pulitzer winner Amy Ellis Nutt; and prospecting for narrative, with Storycraft author Jack Hart. Today’s question: “What survival tips can you offer a reporter who is in charge of capturing a narrative in video, print and photography? Some days I fall [...]

It’s Mayborn Week at Storyboard!

Tomorrow through Friday we’ll feature exclusive outtakes from this month’s Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference at the University of North Texas. This year’s correspondents: veteran journalists Lee Hancock and Charlie Lewis, whose bios you’ll find below. (In case you missed it, last year’s conference included talks by Jeanne Marie Laskas and Thomas Lake on sportswriting and [...]

Work the problem: “How do you prospect for narrative beyond the obvious?”

This is the inaugural installment of Work the Problem, a storytelling advice column featuring everyday craft quandaries and a roving band of narrative sages. Today’s players: >Dave Tarrant, reporter, Dallas Morning News >Jack Hart, former Oregonian editor and author of Storycraft Tarrant is on the enterprise and projects team, where he started in 1984 as a [...]

Michael Mooney on trauma detail, his reading partner, the internal critic and his “I ♥ (Vince Young)” notebook

We’ll be talking to Michael Mooney again soon about a small body of his recent long-form journalism, but today we give our attention to “When Lois Pearson Started Fighting Back,” our latest Notable Narrative. We chose the D magazine story, about how a 62-year-old Texas woman named Lois Pearson survived a horrifically violent kidnapping, for [...]

Colin Harrison and Sam Gwynne on the editor-writer partnership, going deep and the difference between a subject and a story

In yet more goodness from July’s Mayborn Conference, we’re happy to post this conversation between Colin Harrison, who is currently senior editor at Scribner, and S.C. “Sam” Gwynne, author of “Empire of the Summer Moon,” which Harrison edited. A first-time book author, Gwynne is also a senior writer at the Dallas Morning News and contributing editor at Texas [...]

Narrative tips for nonfiction writers: more from the 2010 Mayborn Conference

I recently led a writing workshop at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, and talked to students about finding the meaning in their stories and going deep – while at the same time writing in a simple and clear way. Here are some tips. FINDING THE STORY Every story has its surface-level meaning. Let’s say the surface [...]