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‘It’s not about the cameras, it’s about how you see the world’ — and 49 other tips and inspirations from the BU narrative conference

Fifty takeouts from some of the speakers at last weekend’s Boston University conference on narrative, culled from the Twitter feeds of Lauren Alexander, Alletta Cooper, Cat Cowan, Jessica DuLong, John R. Gagain Jr., Sascha Garrey, Nate Goldman, Kate Hoagland, Robin Lubbock, Cristian Lupsa, Sophia Diogo Mateus, Simina Mistreanu, Lisa Mullins, Amy O’Leary, Greg Rienzi, Beth [...]

3 countries, 4 conferences

If only we could start an international narrative-journalism conference crawl — sort of like a pub crawl, but with pencils and notebooks — here’s how we’d map out the year: “Power of Narrative: Staying Savvy, Skilled and Solvent in Journalism’s Wired Era” April 4-6 Boston University Boston Early-bird registration opened last week. This year’s speakers include the [...]

Nieman Lab summer reading + Barry Hannah + the brain and dramatic arc + a Japanese pitching sensation + a new board

Pinned this week for your storytelling pleasure: The Recommended board has been especially busy: • Our sister pub Nieman Lab has been engaging in a little summer reading from our Nieman Foundation library, a treasure trove that spans our 75-year history as the world’s oldest and best-known study program for journalists. Ours is “one of [...]

Storyboard 2013: New year, new features

Storytelling in 2013 — how will it look? Sound? How will it make us feel? Who’s doing it well, and how did they do it, and what can the rest of us learn from that work? We’re looking forward to finding out. Storyboard spent 2012 expanding our content and trying out new ways to engage readers. [...]

The best in narrative, 2012: Storyboard’s top picks in audio, magazines, newspapers and online

Welcome to Storyboard’s first annual year-end roundup of top storytelling: 34 of our favorite pieces in audio, magazines, newspapers and online, with three of the categories guest curated by Mark Armstrong (online), Julia Barton and Julie Shapiro (audio), and Ben Montgomery, Michael Kruse and Thomas Lake (newspapers). This was a strong year for storytelling, and it was hard to choose. You’ll find pieces that [...]

“Why’s this so good?” No. 59: Dan Barry and the Indiana crow patrol

Dan Barry peddles in the petits dramas and crossroads that ordinary people meet day to day. Some of his best “This Land” columns for the New York Times suggest items that Anton Chekov might have written – that is, if the Russian Chekov was a time traveler with an interpreter and a rental car. When [...]

What we’re reading: a roundup of tornado stories

The next Editors’ Roundtable, which will run on Monday, looks at a story on the tornado that hit Rainsville, Ala., earlier this month. Unfortunately, tragedy has struck again, and journalists have had to write additional disaster stories about the devastation of Joplin, Mo. Next week we’ll provide an in-depth look at just the Rainsville piece, [...]

New York Times editor Bill Keller on narrative’s future: three “threats” to it he’s not buying

New York Times executive editor Bill Keller thinks the death of narrative journalism has been greatly exaggerated—and he brought some examples to Boston University’s 2010 narrative conference Saturday to prove it: A man standing in line at a store, scrolling through Dexter Filkins’ 10,000-word magazine cover story on Afghanistan, for instance—on his Blackberry. The lede of Gene [...]