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What we’re reading: Stories on teenage gumption, secret clinical trials, wrongful imprisonment and the convicted murderer Jeffrey MacDonald

We love December for its inevitable bouquet of great year-end stories. Lots of good stuff out there right now, including these, four of our recent favorites: Anne Hull’s poverty piece, “In Rust Belt, a teenager’s climb from poverty,” which documents Pennsylvania teenager Tabi Rouzzo’s struggle to better herself. Hull, who with Dana Priest won the [...]

Tom French on zoo stories, narrative nonfiction and the pleasures of playing anthropologist

In 2007, St. Petersburg Times reporter Tom French delivered a nine-part series about Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, which led to the writing of “Zoo Story,” published in July. In his book, French focuses on the lives of a number of mammals, including Enshalla (a tiger), Herman (a chimp) and Lex Salisbury (the director of the zoo). [...]

Audience storytelling from “Star Wars” to “Top Secret America”: interactivity across the spectrum

Chewbacca and Washington Post reporters may have more in common than you think: both might get an assist from the general public on in-depth projects that are in the news this week. “Top Secret America,” The Washington Post’s massive effort to identify a network of secret facilities blanketing the nation, has garnered particular attention today. [...]