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The best in narrative, 2012: Storyboard’s top picks in audio, magazines, newspapers and online

Welcome to Storyboard’s first annual year-end roundup of top storytelling: 34 of our favorite pieces in audio, magazines, newspapers and online, with three of the categories guest curated by Mark Armstrong (online), Julia Barton and Julie Shapiro (audio), and Ben Montgomery, Michael Kruse and Thomas Lake (newspapers). This was a strong year for storytelling, and it was hard to choose. You’ll find pieces that [...]

“Why’s this so good?” No. 34: Buzz Bissinger trails a fabulist

So, you, a journalist, are given this ridiculous, outrageous assignment: Write a story about one of your own, a writer who betrayed your profession on a spectacular scale. It’s the story of Stephen Glass, perhaps the most remarkable fabulist ever to pretend to be a nonfiction writer. Oh, and by the way, Glass won’t talk to [...]

Jay Caspian Kang on the heart of gambling narratives: “All you remember, really, is losing”

We talked by phone this week with Jay Caspian Kang, author of The Morning News essay “The High Is Always the Pain, and the Pain Is Always the High,” our latest Notable Narrative. Kang, who has written for deadspin and theAtlantic.com, has also created the Kang Diva System, a mathematical method of ranking female singers [...]

What we’re reading: first edition, in which we offer hockey fights, Christmas and a litany of poisons

Summer is upon us! Well, actually it’s kind of cold and gray outside here, but as you, our imaginary beachgoer, break out the sunblock and pack the Cheetos and flip-flops for a day in the sand, we’d like to introduce the first in an ongoing series of posts listing stories we’re reading, watching or listening [...]