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Storyboard 2013: New year, new features

Storytelling in 2013 — how will it look? Sound? How will it make us feel? Who’s doing it well, and how did they do it, and what can the rest of us learn from that work? We’re looking forward to finding out. Storyboard spent 2012 expanding our content and trying out new ways to engage readers. [...]

“Why’s this so good?” No. 66: Eli Sanders and the bravest woman in Seattle

The friend who first sent me “The Bravest Woman in Seattle” told me it was stunning but also so unsettling that I should not read it before going to bed. She was right on both counts. The story, by Eli Sanders of the Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, is one of the most harrowing I have ever [...]

Michael Mooney on trauma detail, his reading partner, the internal critic and his “I ♥ (Vince Young)” notebook

We’ll be talking to Michael Mooney again soon about a small body of his recent long-form journalism, but today we give our attention to “When Lois Pearson Started Fighting Back,” our latest Notable Narrative. We chose the D magazine story, about how a 62-year-old Texas woman named Lois Pearson survived a horrifically violent kidnapping, for [...]

Narrative gold: Eli Sanders and his Pulitzer-winning crime saga

“The prosecutor wanted to know about window coverings. He asked: Which windows in the house on South Rose Street, the house where you woke up to him standing over you with a knife that night – which windows had curtains that blocked out the rest of the world and which did not?” So begins Eli Sanders’ story “The [...]