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Tori Marlan and Josh Neufeld on the webcomics narrative ‘Stowaway’

Our latest Notable Narrative is “Stowaway,” an interactive comic, published by The Atavist, that tells the story of a young Ethiopian boy, “Fanuel,” who made his way to the United States via human trafficking and perseverance. The writer is Tori Marlan, a Montreal-based freelance investigative reporter and former Alicia Patterson fellow, and Josh Neufeld, a [...]

Death comes for comics storyteller Harvey Pekar (October 8, 1939 – July 12, 2010)

Comic book writer and misfit Harvey Pekar spent his life bracing for the worst, and now, finally, he can relax. Pekar was a non-fiction storyteller who recorded his daily existence for others to draw. In the medium of American comics, where the power fantasies of corporate superheroes in tights are the norm, Pekar’s work stands [...]

Comic book news: a look at graphic narrative journalism (part 1)

Print journalism and comic books share a history. Without the former the latter would never have come to be. Journalists have also had their own struggle—the phrases “New Journalism” and “literary journalism” attempt to distinguish what’s used to wrap fish from what’s treasured on a book shelf. Unlike traditional journalism, literary journalism deals with facts [...]