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High Country News’ Michelle Nijhuis on living with an uneasy ghost

I was recently taken with a piece that ran ealier this year in High Country News. Written by Michelle Nijhuis, “Township 13 South, Range 92 West, Section 35” explores the idea of family roots and also offers a brief meditation on Western self-sufficiency. But as much as anything else, it serves as a requiem for a girl who died a [...]

Disposable Workers of the Oil and Gas Fields

Scenes, character, a human voice and the first person soften and enliven the investigative approach in this piece about gruesome deaths on Western oil and gas fields. Lacking clear statistical evidence, Ring builds his case against the industry through narrative: "Death in the Western oil and gas fields is a story best told through people, [...]

Dust and Snow

This piece is one in a series of stories Nijhuis wrote for the High Country News that uses narrative techniques to get at the complicated issue of climate change. This story is indirectly related to the global warming, but like the others gets at the climate crisis probingly.

Is It or Isn’t It (Just Another Mouse)?

In this piece, we liked Aschwanden’s mix of folksy language and humor with serious explication of scientific debate. She very clearly gets at what’s at stake in the story; we were primarily engaged by this, by the question of how species and subspecies do and should get classified. This narrative-as-argument gets enlivened by such passages [...]