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Interactive siren song + “How are you making money?” (The Future of Digital Longform, Part 2)

In Part 1 of our recap of the Tow Center’s Future of Digital Longform conference, Emily Bell and Joe Sexton talked about when (and to what extent) a story should be snowfalled, and Josh Schwartz gave data on how people read. (There’s good news for multimedia narrative, so check it out.) Today: One panel takes the “Snow Fall” [...]

Tori Marlan and Josh Neufeld on the webcomics narrative ‘Stowaway’

Our latest Notable Narrative is “Stowaway,” an interactive comic, published by The Atavist, that tells the story of a young Ethiopian boy, “Fanuel,” who made his way to the United States via human trafficking and perseverance. The writer is Tori Marlan, a Montreal-based freelance investigative reporter and former Alicia Patterson fellow, and Josh Neufeld, a [...]

Evan Ratliff on The Atavist: narrative throwback or the future of nonfiction storytelling?

We talked by phone this week with Evan Ratliff, one of the founders of The Atavist, a just-minted publishing house that makes original narrative nonfiction available on digital mobile reading devices. Last year, Ratliff made a splash with a story of his own for Wired, in which he tried to vanish. He has also written [...]