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Pinned: Wells Tower, James Agee, Jill Lepore, David Foster Wallace, John Jeremiah Sullivan, Jennifer Egan, Sylvia Plath

Pinned this week, for your storytelling pleasure: Interviewland: Wells Tower talked to Bookforum about alternating between the worlds of journalism and fiction. When asked what he makes of longform’s new popularity he said, “It’s good news for all of us that early reports of the death of literary magazine writing appear to have been overwrought. [...]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, part 1

[This four-part series on storytelling and historical narratives is based on a talk given at Vanderbilt University in February 2011.] Half a century ago, the novelist and physicist C.P. Snow wrote about how these days we live in two cultures, where scientists and humanists seem to have lost the ability to talk to each other. [...]