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#crowdsourced: great examples of the write-around

Last week, a student asked for notable examples of the write-around, that subgenre in which the journalist had limited to no access with the story subject. The most famous examples are Gay Talese’s “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” and, to a lesser extent, Talese’s piece on DiMaggio, “The Silent Season of a Hero.” We took the question to [...]

Voice, tension, humor, quest and theme: CRMA finalists, Profiles category

In a recent edition of Storyboard’s Annotation Tuesday!, GQ’s Amy Wallace talked about the crossover between narrative and profile writing. “While I get that the two (genres) are distinct, I actually don’t think of them as being that different,” she told Storyboard. “Not to get too groovy, but it’s all about story and the drivers [...]

Just one question … for Lane DeGregory, on the presidential hugger

My Pulitzer-winning pod-mate Lane DeGregory in the Tampa Bay Times, on the Florida pizza man who famously gave Barack Obama that bear hug: FORT PIERCE — After talking to MSNBC and Inside Edition, while waiting to be miked for Wolf Blitzer, Scott Van Duzer, 46, tried to fit in two slices of pepperoni pizza and a Gatorade on Monday during what had [...]

Just one question … for Justin Heckert, on the kid who scored 138 points in one game

Justin Heckert had a great late 2012 with stories in Esquire and the New York Times magazine, and then this piece in Sports Illustrated, “The Loneliest Number,” which is about Jack Taylor. Kind of. Remember Jack Taylor? He’s the kid from Grinnell College in Iowa who in a basketball game in November scored 138 points. That [...]

Justin Heckert, CRMA Writer of the Year: inside his winning stories

Every spring, the City and Regional Magazine Association names a Writer of the Year, and twice the organization has handed Justin Heckert that honor. Heckert won recently for Atlanta magazine stories about an AIDS survivor, tornado victims, an underground newspaper, struggling standup comics and zombies. The winners aren’t always what the industry likes to call [...]

Which CRMA finalists will win big in Vegas?

The City and Regional Magazine Association and the Missouri School of Journalism recently announced the finalists for the 2012 National City and Regional Magazine Awards. Racking up the most nominations (more than 10 each) were Texas Monthly, Los Angeles Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Chicago Magazine and 5280 Magazine (Denver’s city mag). Winners will be [...]

What we’re reading: surrendering revenge, little girl lost, and a town that disappeared

Required Storyboard reading has been light on humor of late, but there’s some wryness mixed in with the sorrow in Justin Heckert’s look at what nature did to Vaughn, Ga. And a vignette about an “atomic banana” adds range to an tale from 9/11. The rest of today’s choices tackle equally hefty subjects: a survivor forgiving [...]