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The Storyboard shortlist on crime writing and empathy

Texas Monthly’s Pamela Colloff tweeted the following yesterday morning: This reminded us of an NYU course that Ted Conover has taught, called “The Journalism of Empathy,” in which graduate students are asked to deeply consider, and even inhabit, the lives of the people they’re writing about. Conover, author of books including Coyotes: A Journey across [...]

2013 City & Regional Magazine Awards finalists (Part 1: Feature Story)

The City and Regional Magazine Association and the Missouri School of Journalism this week announced finalists for the 2013 National City and Regional Magazine Awards. Los Angeles logged the most nominations, followed by Texas Monthly, Atlanta magazine and Philadelphia magazine. Winners will be announced at the 37th annual CRMA conference, May 18-20, in Atlanta. Writers, [...]

Kathryn Miles on tall ships, the ‘boxcar’ structure, finding the story, reading ‘promiscuously’ and putting an English Lit degree to work

Our latest Notable Narrative is “Sunk,” a detailed narrative of the deadly capsizing of the tall ship HMS Bounty during Hurricane Sandy. Kathryn Miles’ story, in Outside magazine, gave a gripping account of the historic vessel’s final hours and what might have led the crew to sail directly into the storm. Miles, an author and Unity College professor [...]