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New Niemans and their stories: Meet the Class of 2013

The first week of fall term ends today at Harvard, and the Nieman Foundation’s newest class of fellows is settling in. The Nieman fellowship, which next year will celebrate its 75th anniversary, brings together 12 U.S. and 12 international journalists for one year of study across the university. Fellows pursue the topics of their choice, [...]

Narrative gold: Eli Sanders and his Pulitzer-winning crime saga

“The prosecutor wanted to know about window coverings. He asked: Which windows in the house on South Rose Street, the house where you woke up to him standing over you with a knife that night – which windows had curtains that blocked out the rest of the world and which did not?” So begins Eli Sanders’ story “The [...]

Sherman Alexie, Garry Kasparov, The Caravan and more! It’s grab bag Friday…

Take a gander at some of the more interesting writing we’ve seen lately. These pieces are more or less narrative, and come at storytelling from different angles, but are all are worth checking out.  An Indian narrative journalism magazine called The Caravan launched this month. Or perhaps re-launched might be the better term, as publisher Delhi Press [...]