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Storytelling for the win: This year’s ASME finalists

This year’s National Magazine Award nominations in the features, multimedia, reporting and essay/criticism categories cover conflict, immigration, violence, grief, the abortion wars and more, from a host of talented journalists representing a range of publications. The American Society of Magazine Editors will announce the winners on May 1, in New York. Read the full list [...]

Inside 40 Towns: literary journalism, Dartmouth students and a professor who wanted more

If you’ve been following 40 Towns, the new literary journalism magazine produced by Jeff Sharlet’s creative nonfiction students at Dartmouth, you’ve seen longform stories about ex-cons, a roadside motel, a bead shop, a diner, a homeless woman named Tecumseh, and more — stories that get inside the lives of people of the Upper Valley. Sharlet’s [...]

Just one question … for Justin Heckert, on the kid who scored 138 points in one game

Justin Heckert had a great late 2012 with stories in Esquire and the New York Times magazine, and then this piece in Sports Illustrated, “The Loneliest Number,” which is about Jack Taylor. Kind of. Remember Jack Taylor? He’s the kid from Grinnell College in Iowa who in a basketball game in November scored 138 points. That [...]

“Why’s this so good?” No. 58: Scott Anderson and the hunger warriors

A tattered, stapled-together copy of Scott Anderson’s “The Hunger Warriors” now qualifies as one of my oldest and most treasured possessions. I distinctly remember snipping it out of the New York Times magazine nearly 11 years ago, so I could study the means by which Anderson managed to break my heart. I still read the [...]

New Niemans and their stories: Meet the Class of 2013

The first week of fall term ends today at Harvard, and the Nieman Foundation’s newest class of fellows is settling in. The Nieman fellowship, which next year will celebrate its 75th anniversary, brings together 12 U.S. and 12 international journalists for one year of study across the university. Fellows pursue the topics of their choice, [...]

Jeneen Interlandi on “When My Crazy Father Actually Lost His Mind”

We’ve chosen Jeneen Interlandi’s recent New York Times magazine cover story about her father’s mental illness as our latest Notable Narrative. “When My Crazy Father Actually Lost His Mind” follows a sobering episode in the bipolar history of Joseph Interlandi, revealing flaws in the nation’s mental health and criminal justice system. We caught up with Interlandi [...]

“Why’s this so good?” No. 50: Jennifer Gonnerman and real lives

I often tell students, both undergraduate and graduate, that beautiful stories are everywhere. You can head off to Iraq and Afghanistan and pen a riveting war epic, but you can also discover scintillating stories much closer to home – in the faces of people you see everyday, in the mom-and-pop store up the street, even in [...]

The best of Storyboard: essays on craft

If you’ve ever spent some time nosing around Storyboard you know we archive everything from interactive narratives to original essays on craft, in which masters such as Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, Rick Meyer and Walt Harrington offer tips on developing characters, finding stories, writing scenes and more. Some of the 26 pieces feel fresh even a decade later. Here’s [...]

Work we love: a multimedia look at secret slavery, a portrait of fantasy baseball’s founder and dueling Robert Caro profiles

Our bookmarks have been busy lately what with all the good stuff to read and watch and hear. Some of our recent favorites hail from CNN.com, Grantland, the New York Times magazine and Esquire. In case you missed them, here are four pieces worth your time: Slavery 360° For the CNN.com multimedia narrative “Slavery’s Last [...]