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“What’s on your syllabus?”

Every narrative journalist can point to a story or a book, or two, that changed their lives, and that made them want to tell true stories. What story does it for you? Where was your love born? When we asked about influential writing via Twitter, answers came in a flurry. Wright Thompson said North Toward Home, [...]

Viewfinder: Video journalism that works

Whenever I go out on an assignment I get a few of the same questions from onlookers who see me with my tripod and my reasonably large video camera: “What channel are you from?” or “When will this air?” But my favorite, and the one I get most often after I explain that the video [...]

Narrative + investigative: tips from IRE 2012, Part 2

In Part 1 of our coverage of this year’s Investigative Reporters & Editors conference, Kiera Feldman, a This Land correspondent, rounded up tips on documents and data, the latest in web research, source relationships, and other material that a narrative journalist might find useful. Today, in Part 2, she adapts highlights from the “Writing the [...]

Narrative + investigative: tips from IRE 2012, Part 1

At last month’s Investigative Reporters & Editors conference, in Boston, hundreds of reporters attended dozens of sessions on everything from analyzing unstructured data to working with the coolest web tools and building a digital newsroom. The conference, which started in the 1970s, after a Phoenix reporter died in a car bomb while covering the mob, is usually [...]

Jerry Brewer on change-up pitches, round characters and how to ruin a perfectly good column

In our last post, the Editors’ Roundtable looked at a Seattle Times column about a record-setting Girl Scout cookie-seller who got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game. Today, we hear from the Times’ Jerry Brewer about how he wrote the column. Brewer has been at the Times since 2006, with previous [...]

June Editors’ Roundtable No. 2: The Seattle Times, a first pitch, and the Queen of Samoas

We’re fine-tuning our Editors’ Roundtable, moving toward more frequent postings and smaller groups of editors looking at each story. As part of those changes, today we highlight our second June Roundtable (if you missed the first, you can see it here). One classic daily newspaper narrative is the story of the very sick child. A member [...]

The Small Story: long live the community-minded newspaper narrative

Cara Solomon sweats the small stuff. After a failed career as a television news intern and eight successful years as a print reporter, Solomon left her newspaper job on the West Coast to return home to Boston. Holding down a day job as an editor of a start-up Web site, she began to devote her free [...]

Aging Father Agonizes over Fate of His Son

In this story of a father who takes care of his autistic adult son, reporter Maureen O’Hagan adroitly sketches the dilemma caused by longer life expectancies for people with developmental disabilities. The father, Ron Johnson, must have emergency bypass surgery to save his heart, while autistic son Ronny remains healthy but in need of constant care. [...]

Crossing America

What stands out among all the lovely elements in this series is Tizon’s use of the first and second persons. Come join me on a journey, he says. And if you’ve just joined me, let me fill you in. In discussions of craft we often talk about writing with a “conversational voice.” But of course [...]

What’s Best for Baby M?

Martin and photographer Mike Siegel followed a couple for more than two years as they tried to regain custody of their baby daughter. We liked the ending to the piece, sad and intimate.