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Three reads and a tip sheet

Pinned and pulled for your weekend reading pleasure, Storyboard’s three favorite reads this week, plus 10 tips on artful interviewing from Pulitzer winner Isabel Wilkerson and others: 1) “Lost in the Long White Cloud,” by Charles Anderson of Fairfax Media, New Zealand. Anderson’s “Snow Fall”-inspired multimedia narrative artfully chronicles a modern-day search for George Hood and John Moncrieff, New Zealand [...]

Editors’ Roundtable: Two boys, a basketball and a ‘magical’ shot

The Oregonian’s Anna Griffin wrote a story last Sunday about a small but rare and memorable moment in high school sports. Deadspin set it up this way: A young man named Davan Overton in unincorporated Oregon plays on his high school basketball team despite a tumor on his spine that has, since he was a toddler, hampered [...]

“Why’s this so good?” No. 30: Sally Jenkins picks Kwame Brown

The thing about being the first pick in the NBA draft – especially if you’re 19-year-old Kwame Brown, the youngest No. 1 pick ever – is that you become the subject of a lot of newspaper stories. By April 2002, the end of Brown’s rookie season with the Washington Wizards, dozens of reporters had dutifully written profiles [...]

October Editors’ Roundtable No. 2: New York magazine updates an archetype

Our second October Rountable looks at “A Holly Golightly for the Stripper-Embezzlement Age,” by Jessica Pressler. Pressler introduces readers to former stripper Diane Passage, and a world in which a beautiful woman with enough ambition can get what she wants – at least for a while. The story ran last month in New York magazine [...]

Gene Weingarten on “the god of journalism,” compulsive editing and “The Peekaboo Paradox”

After some months spent planning to write about Gene Weingarten’s story “The Peekaboo Paradox” for this site, I caught up with the two-time Pulitzer winner in Texas this summer at the Mayborn Conference. And when I say caught, I mean caught. I had never met Weingarten before, but I saw the highly recognizable, highly mustachioed [...]

August Editors’ Roundtable No. 1: GQ ponders truth, lies and mystery

Our first Roundtable of August considers “Blindsided: The Jerry Joseph Basketball Scandal,” by Michael Mooney. The story spotlights a high school basketball player who stirred up questions about truth and identity that the town of Odessa, Texas, is still struggling to answer. “Blindsided” ran in the July issue of GQ and was edited by Michael Benoist. [...]

July Editors’ Roundtable No. 2: The New York Times probes a murder in South Africa

For the second Roundtable of July, our editors looked at “Watching the Murder of an Innocent Man” by Barry Bearak of the New York Times. Bearak has spent the last three years as co-bureau chief of the Times’ Johannesburg outpost, and his June 5 story investigates the death of a young man at the hands [...]

June Editors’ Roundtable: The Washington Post finds order in chaos

For the first Roundtable of the month, our editors looked at “Ala. tornado twists two families together” by Stephanie McCrummen from The Washington Post. The story, published early in May, covers an unusual connection between strangers after a twister roared through Rainsville, Ala. We’ve switched things up a little this installment, freeing editors from a [...]

Ben Montgomery explores a mystery: “This is a story about grief”

Yesterday our Editors’ Roundtable looked at “When a diver goes missing, a deep cave is scene of a deeper mystery,” by Ben Montgomery. An enterprise reporter at the St. Petersburg Times, Montgomery was a 2010 Pulitzer finalist with the Times’ project “For Their Own Good,” which we featured on this site. He talked with me by [...]

May Editors’ Roundtable: St. Petersburg Times dives into missing man mystery

This month, the Editors’ Roundtable looks at “When a diver goes missing, a deep cave is scene of a deeper mystery” by Ben Montgomery of the St. Petersburg Times. The story, our first newspaper narrative for the Roundtable, tells the tale of Ben McDaniel, who disappeared at Vortex Spring in August of last year. Each month, we [...]