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20 writing and editing tips from Tracy Kidder + Richard Todd

In the book Good Prose: The Art of Nonfiction, memorably instructive lines for writers and editors appear on almost every page. The authors, the Pulitzer-winning nonfiction writer Tracy Kidder and his longtime editor, Richard Todd, broke the work into eight chapters — “Narratives,” “Being Edited and Editing,” “Beyond Accuracy” — and there is something useful, and even [...]

Top 10 Top 10 Lists — storytelling edition

Because why not a list of lists? Ten* worth the storyteller’s time: 1) “130 years of must-read stories for digital journalists: five lessons from 1851-1981,” by Abraham Hyatt, editor of the data-driven investigative project Oakland Police Beat. His top three (we agree, so much, with Ben Hecht’s “The Pig”): 1: You can report on technology [...]

Pinned: Jeff Bauman walks; Alice Gregory reads all of Janet Malcolm; Faulkner talks failure; plus, Tracy Kidder, Evan Ratliff, how to do an oral history narrative, and more

Are you following us on Pinterest? We pin something almost daily, in addition to our regular publishing days here: great reads, useful apps, reporting and writing gear, interviews, timeless pieces from our archives and more. Join us! Pinned this week for your storytelling pleasure: Recommended reading: We’re heavy on recommendations this week because there’s so [...]

Andrew Corsello on authorial empathy, the problem of goodness, the writer-editor relationship, the importance of rule-breaking, and naps

In yesterday’s post, guest curator Michael Fitzgerald wrote about the storytelling power behind “The Wronged Man,” a 2004 GQ piece by National Magazine Award winner Andrew Corsello. Fitzgerald, a Massachusetts-based business and technology writer and former Nieman Fellow, caught up with Corsello by phone recently, to talk about the story. Here’s part of their conversation, edited [...]

“The Power of Storytelling,” Part 4: Chris Jones on why stories matter, Pat Walters on endings, Walt Harrington on integrity

In Part 3 of our recap of Romania’s “Power of Storytelling” conference on narrative journalism, radio producer Starlee Kine talked about story forms and themes; Esquire‘s Mike Sager talked about listening, and about suspending disbelief; and Pulitzer winner Alex Tizon talked about writing one’s own story. In Part 2, Pulitzer winner Jacqui Banaszynski wrote a short essay about why she and eight other North American [...]

Tracy Kidder in conversation with Darcy Frey, part 2: “I write as fast as I can to prevent remorse for having written badly.”

Today we offer part 2 of last week’s discussion of narrative nonfiction between Tracy Kidder and Nieman Fellow Darcy Frey. (Check out the first installment, if you haven’t read it yet.) Part of the Harvard Writers at Work series, their talk was co-sponsored by the university’s Shorenstein Center, where Kidder is a fellow this fall. [...]

Tracy Kidder in conversation with Darcy Frey, part 1: “Anyone who writes for a living and doesn’t admit to being very lucky is almost certainly insane”

Last week, veteran writer Tracy Kidder offered his reflections on narrative nonfiction a public conversation with current Nieman Fellow Darcy Frey. Part of the Harvard Writers at Work series, the talk took place in a packed campus auditorium and was co-sponsored by the university’s Shorenstein Center, where Kidder is a fellow this fall. Winner of [...]