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  1. [...] Inside the new storytelling collective Deca, from Nieman Storyboard, a project of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard [...]

  2. [...] And the City Swallowed Them is the first e-book released by Deca, a new cooperative of nine international journalists who have come together to produce long-form nonfiction stories (more than a magazine article, less than a full-blown book). Launched only a week ago, Deca has already raised over $21,000 on Kickstarter to support its future publications—the latest proof that people will indeed pay for quality journalism, dire predictions to the contrary notwithstanding. (For an extensive explanation of what Deca is, how it came about, and what its members plan to do, see this group interview with Nieman Storyboard.) [...]

  3. [...] Marc Herman, uno de los impulsores de Deca que reside en Barcelona, explica en una entrevista en Nieman StoryBoard que la idea es sencilla: un pequeño grupo comercializa los artículos bajo un mismo nombre, al [...]

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